Bible journaling in concept is dated. I’m sure your grandmother or mother wrote about what she learned during bible reading or study. However, I think the concept of bible art journaling in its present form is somewhat new.

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I don’t have dates and/or statistics about either of these statements so you’ll have to take my word for it. Additionally, I don’t think its origination is as important as its usefulness.

Therefore, today I thought I would share a little about it and why I think everyone should try bible art journaling. 

What is bible art journaling?

I believe bible art journaling is creating an artistic expression of a truth derived from the bible or from your quiet time with God.

To me a truth derived from the bible would be like deciding to hand letter a bible scripture. Or even deciding to create a painting depicting a biblical story.

As for an expression you create from your quiet time, this is purely personal. I believe it could be a truth, an analogy, a story…. The ways are endless. I have even seen artist draw a bath tub with bubbles to represent the cleansing David requested in the Psalms or an elaborate lamp to represent the light God provides on our walk.

It is not the means but the end.

The means can be written words, watercolors, pencils, meditation, quilts. To me this is not the important aspect. It is the heart behind it all. With the end being quiet time, focused on God, with God, in His word.

And I’m sure you noticed I slipped in writing and quilting. 🙂 I believe both are wonderful arts that are great quiet time tools.

[shareable cite=”Dana Pittman”]I believe bible art journaling is creating an artistic expression of a truth derived from the bible or from your quiet time with God.[/shareable]

Why everyone should try it?

I think EVERYONE should try it.

But Dana I can’t draw?

I know…I know… I can read your thoughts. Honestly, it is not about drawing. There are some beautiful pieces of art that would make you drool. But that is not the point, in my opinion, of bible art journaling.

To me it is about shutting off the world and focusing on God.

Therefore, if you can’t draw, use a coloring book. If you don’t like to color but like to cross stitch, grab your loom.

What if I don’t have an artistic bone in my body?

Yes, I’ve considered this too.

My response: Yes you do!

You are made in the image of God. God who created EVERYTHING. How can you be made in the image of the greatest artist of all time and not possess artistic ability.

Don’t let your mind get caught up in getting it right, making it beautiful, creating a masterpiece. Make it all about God. And you will have a wonderful time.

[shareable cite=”Dana Pittman”]’Bible art journaling is about shutting off the world and focusing on God.'[/shareable]

How do you get started?

Great question. 😉 I think I can summarize it in three steps.

1. Start with a decision. Decide to do it without being “perfect”. You can sit with a piece of notebook paper, a bible and a pencil. It is that simple. But pick a day, time and location. And make it happen.

2. Start with basic tools. You don’t need any special tools but I list a few here. Or better yet, ask your child or grandchild to borrow their crayons. (And give them back when you’re done.) 😉 From there if you like it you can order online or visit your area Walmart or Target school supply aisle. Better yet, while you’re at the grocery store swing by the office supply/school supply aisle. It will probably cost you less than $10.

3. Start with prayer. You decided. You have some supplies. Sit, pray and begin. Don’t make it complicated. Again, use a color sheet, coloring book, paper, pencil, crayons. It is up to you. Keep it simple and take it from there.

  • HERE is a bible with the art printed inside ready to color.
  • HERE is a wonderful color book that is printable and has scriptures.
  • HERE is an awesome study with prompts. She has paid and free options.
  • HERE is a basic search on Google. There are a lot of free options on Pinterest, Facebook and blogs.

My Bible Art Journal

I will end by sharing some of my bible art journaling. I create my bible art in a bible I purchased specifically for this quiet time.

I do not have time for doing it daily but I try to do it weekly. I’m slow so each piece can take weeks because I add a little here and a little there.

It is usually on Friday morning. I grab my coffee, put on my headphone with worship music and I let the time fly…

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Tell me…honestly, would you consider giving bible art journaling a try? [reminder]


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