I shared in my last post my entries from my first week of Bible Journaling. In this post I want to share a video and a few reference links.

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I have been asked many questions after posting pictures. I’m no pro but I can share with you what I’m doing and the tools I use. Please note that the tools will be affiliate links. You will not pay more but I will receive a small compensation if you decide to purchase using the links.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way…let’s get to the good stuff. 

My Thoughts…My Process

[youtube id=”PD69W915Cak” height=”394″ width=”700″]

My Tools

My Journaling Bible:

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible


Mechanical Pencil

Pigma Micron (I have two sets the black and assorted)

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil

Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil Box

Prismacolor Blender Pencil Colorless


Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush

Staedtler Mars Latex-Free Eraser

In Closing…

What I love most about this process, so far, is you really don’t need much. I’m sharing what I have but it is not required. You can start with any color pencils…just grab a pack at Walmart after grabbing your groceries or borrow your daughter’s. 😉 You just need time and a willingness to meet with God on the page.

I pray this is helpful. I am available for any questions you may have.

God bless.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman


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