I am skating on thin ice with this declaration to post weekly. But know that I am still at it. 😉

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My greatest conundrum is what to share in this space. I am asked and emailed many questions, however, I’m not certain what I plan to post. Therefore, in 2016 I am going to write about everything and let myself test the waters of posting regularly. I believe this will help me find my rhythm and it will save me the time of self-discussion about what is and what is not relevant. 

So…here we go a bit early but necessary for the posts to come. But before you press play on the video, I’d like to ask a HUGE favor. Let me know if you have questions. It will clue me into what I should explore more.

For now, I am starting with this brief video about bible study. I am asked often about HOW to study the bible. I’ve taught many workshops and preached on this very topic. And every time I am overjoyed because I LOVE studying God’s word. There was a time when that was not so and I’m so glad my heart and mind have been transformed from that thinking.

As you watch the video, please note that it is not “everything” but enough to get you started. I plan to scatter tips and tools as we use the Book of James to explore studying God’s word together.

I’ve chattered enough. Let’s begin with:

Introduction to Bible Study

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Read the Book of James

If you plan to follow this study you will need to read the Book of James. Aim to read it at least three (3) times. The last time try to either read it aloud or listen to it online.

We will start with a introduction next week, and if you have some time start studying the first chapter.

I look forward to “seeing” you all again next week. Stay safe and Lord’s will I’ll be back Tuesday with our new study.

[shareable text=”The bible is God’s love letter to you. – @DanaPittman”]The bible is God’s love letter to you.[/shareable]

Consider This: The bible is God’s love letter to you. How do you receive it? Are you excited to open the cover? Are you thrilled to read the words that have endured just to encounter you? Do you feel His love and presence with every word?


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