Ephesians: Introduction

Welcome, Sis! My goal for our time together is to study the Word of God and hopefully you’ll walk away with a study approach that feels doable. But most of all I pray it ignites your desire to dig deeper and spend more time in God’s word for yourself....

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Ephesians Bible Study

Well, we talked about it and now it’s time to make it happen. The topic during my LIVE on my YouTube hobby channel last week was bible study. I opened this month’s topics to my viewers because I wanted to explore more content and offer, hopefully, a more diverse...

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How to Study the Bible [LIVE]

Resources: She Reads Truth – Christian Standard Bible. Learn more about the Bible. https://shereadstruthbible.com Inspire Praise: The Bible for Coloring & Creative Journaling (Large Print) ESV Journaling Bible (Large Print) ESV Study Bible NASB Precept Bible The Bible Study The Quiet Time Companion Search the Scriptures 100 Days of...

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Runaway Train

Write 31 Days | Book of James | DanaPittman.com

Y'all hang with me. I'm not gone but I've had a rough couple of days. Let me explain...I am really enjoying the ability to include video. I hope you are too.I am studying and blogging through the Book of James for 31 Days. You're invited to join me or...

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Double-Minded Man

Double-Minded Man | Write 31 Days | DanaPittman.com

Today for a breather, and a reminder from yesterday's video, I'm sharing the portion of scripture regarding the double-minded man.I am studying and blogging through the Book of James for 31 Days. You're invited to join me or follow along. To learn more about Write 31 Days visit www.write31days.com....

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Faith Without Any Doubt

Write 31 Days | Book of James | DanaPittman.com

I have no idea what to write. So, I recorded this video about my current experience as I study. I also show a post I'm working on for Chapter 1. QUESTIONS What is standing out to YOU in the Book of James? What ideas are clinging to? What ideas...

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Week 1 Round Up

Sweet Coles River | Write 31 Days | DanaPittman.com

Today I rested thankful the first week is in the can. I didn’t cover as much of James as I thought but I’m not done yet. lol This is how I spent my day. I finally finished it. :) Week 1 Round-Up Day 1: Book of James Reading Plan Day...

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God’s Grace

God's Grace | Write 31 Days | DanaPittman.com

Do you have an image for grace? A picture in your mind illustrating its depth, its warmth, its strength.This weekend is our women’s retreat. It felt more like a conference. But regardless of the title, this weekend will always invoke images of smiling faces, wonderful music, an outpouring of...

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Just Dance

Just Dance | Write 31 Days | DanaPittman.com

Women gathered tonight in a quaint coffee house in Houston. Tacos and coffee. Laughter and music.Tonight we kicked off our women’s retreat. I enjoyed a few hours of reading before heading to the coffee house. I arrived to see a DJ with women dancing in every inch of open...

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Context is King

Context is King | Write 31 Days | DanaPittman.com

I sit back at my computer looking at a blank page, but my observation sheets are full of color and questions. I feel it is necessary to remind you that these daily summaries are not the end of my “study.” I think it is more of a space to...

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