Week 10 of Bible in 90 Days | Summer 2015

Read the Bible by Dana Pittman

This week we will read 12 books in the bible. 12! To me, this week is the epitome of what I think when someone says “read the bible cover-to-cover in 90 days”. We will move strategically (using the reading plan) and swiftly (in seven days) through the minor prophets...

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How Did You Get Here? [Day 3]

31 Days of Audacious Faith with Dana Pittman

How many of you are merely existing in a place of absolute discomfort? Not because you are bold and daring. No, this discomfort stems from… …Complacency. …Boredom. …Mediocrity. This discomfort does not fit well–and it shouldn’t. Nothing about your life as a believers should be average. …Normal. …Run-of-the-mill. We...

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