Against All Odds

Day 22: Against All Odds |

As I write this post I’m literally moving from project to project. I feel like this is a season of getting it–whatever tasks it may be–DONE. But with the high levels of output come expectancy. Expecting results. Expecting change. Expecting the fulfillment of the desires of our hearts. I...

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The Word [Day 13]

31 Days of the Word |

Okay…so today it happened. I sat and stared at the blinking cursor. I am studying a few passages but they are not ready to publish. But I could not miss a post–I have my mind set on the finish line. So, today I am going to share a song called...

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31 Days of Love: Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me by Dana Pittman

Daily I’m reading and studying passages and identifying books to help me during my quest– 31 Days of Love. Yesterday I found myself wondering… Photo credit vagabond9. Why in the world did LOVE have to be my selected topic? I shared a little about my why. However, as I...

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Encourage Yourself

I find myself moving non-stop during the holiday season. We (my family and I) make an effort to visit with family and friends and of course have wonderful food. We don’t celebrate Christmas with gifts under the tree but we use the time to reflect on the precious gift...

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