I walked into the house after spending my entire day at church, which is rare for me.

Our church has three Sunday services and I’m an early riser. I’m in and out. So much so that many people stopped and asked me “what are you still doing here?”.

Anyway, I get in and after determining to do “nothing” for the rest of the day… 😉 I turned on TV as I scanned my mind for a quick book to read. The TV was on merely for a little background noise to compete with the football game—we’re Dallas Cowboys fans residing in Houston—and my kiddos, puppy included.

I settled in and decided to knit instead and as my mind clear from that brief task I heard Oprah interviewing a guest, I did not get her name, but she said this quote, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor”.

Unstoppable | Dana Pittman

I grab my phone and typed the quote into Google. It is attributed to Rumi.

I like words. I like when words are perfectly placed to communicate a thought, which usually seems so complicated to describe because it is so real and thick and sometimes yummy. …yes, yummy.

A thought that once expressed perfectly it makes immediate sense and it feels good. You know immediately “that’s it!”.

This was one of those times.

I missed the rest of the interview because my thoughts were running. Because although this quote was wonderful its truth, to me, was reminiscent of a few verses.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 [Read in context.]

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31b [Read in context.]

As I flipped through my bible I got excited. The “that’s it!” feeling was working overtime and my exhausted body could not contain my aha moment…with God I am unstoppable.

I mean, I knew this. Right?!

But how often do we forget we are victorious? Victors…loved…cherished… God created a special plan just for us. Yet we get pulled, yet again, into the undertow of life?

We go from knee-deep…to waist-high…to being fully submerged in…stuff. But all of that does not negate this truth for those who love God.

Do you love God?

Then you too my beloved are unstoppable when we are about our Father’s work.

Now I feel like Erica Campbell, “I love God, what you don’t love God, what’s wrong with you?”

Okay…so maybe that song isn’t the best expression of what I’m talking about. 🙂 But it does put a steady rock in my shoulders and a smile on my face.

You said you loved God. If so, you know that thing? Yeah…that.

Stop waiting.

Okay…I’m off to take a nap as I snap to beat in my head and the song in my heart. 😉

  1. Princess 6 years ago

    Great post! And what an awesome quote. I get excited too when I hear or read something & I am reminded of God’s word. 🙂

    Miss you my friend! Hugs

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Thanks! Me too. Hugs back. 🙂

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