This is a guest post from Dayna Bickham. She is a fellow member of the Platform Launch Team. You can read her blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

I remember when my dad discovered golf. I was maybe fifteen or sixteen. I don’t know if he was invited by friends or was just trying to find a hobby. With used garage sale clubs and nothing but natural athleticism and a highly competitive nature Daddy found that thing that made him passionate. For years we had birthday, Christmas and Father’s day gifts covered as long as it was golf related.

Perhaps there are things that you are passionate about. Maybe golf or running is the thing that makes you light up. I have a friend who is all about crafts, and regularly shows off her masterpieces on Facebook. For me, my passion is blogging.

Writing, designing, editing, (though sometimes, not enough editing) and developing my message is something that I wake up thinking about and nine times out of ten, go to bed thinking about. I pray about blogging, I read about it and I watch videos about it.

So when Michael Hyatt’s new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World came out, I had to read it. As a follower of his blog, I applied to review Platform, and out of 764 applicants I was one of 100 people selected to review a copy.

What a privilege this has been.

The Book That Is Changing Everything

PLATFORM by Michael Hyatt | Book Review by Dana Pittman

Now, let me tell you about Platform. If you are a creative person, a writer, musician, actor, artist, or crafter, then this book has so many things in it for you.

Don’t shuffle off with your tails tucked away all you left-brained people. If your passion is the bottom line at your company, or you have designed a new invention or product that will change the way we do something forever, then this book is for you too.

This book can be applied to what you are already passionate about and helps you elevate that passion from a localized stage to a world stage.

Platform has something for everyone.

Michael says “content is king, but platform is queen!” In Platform, he takes you step by logical and easy step through what it takes to make your passion into a viable business/ministry/career. Your platform is what you make it.

The fundamental question Michael answers in Platform is this: what would happen if?

What if you stopped thinking and started doing? What if you began thinking big? What if people heard what you have to say? What would happen? Why not make it happen? You just need to build your platform.

In Platform there are instructions on everything from product development, to how to write a Tweet. If you have struggled with how to market yourself, or how to market a product you feel passionate about, then get this book!

Here are a few of the topics that I was excited about:

  •    Six ways to find the courage you need to make “wow” happen
  •    Seven steps to big thinking
  •    How to build a media kit
  •    How to market yourself and your product
  •    How to start a blog
  •    How to generate traffic
  •    How to use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage

These are just a few of the ones that stood out to me, when you buy and read it, you will find ones that appeal to you too.

This week, Michael is offering special incentives to buy his book (offer available from May 21 – 25, 2012 worth $375.98). It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

Michael does not make pie in the sky promises, but instead offers clear, concise, step by step instructions on how to make your dream a reality. Building a platform takes work, but why would you want to do all the work on your own?

I know I will be using Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World as a manual from here on. Next to my Bible I think it will be my “go to” book for my blog for many months, if not years to come.

Question: What dream would you try to elevate to a reality if you could build your own platform?

  1. Tammy Helfrich 9 years ago

    Great post. I love the shout out to the left brained people. There is definitely something for everyone in this book.

    •  Thanks Tammy. I am married to a “lefty” and I was trying to convince the ones that aren’t as “creative” that this book is a resource they can use as well.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

       Tammy, I agree. People assume I’m a right brain…but I’m very logical and orderly. It’s my lens. Whereas, my creative side is how I express myself. I believe this book appeals to both. If you want logic…he has lists, numbers, facts, evidence. If you are a creative…he provides some ammunition for sharing your passions with your audience.

  2. Author
    Dana Pittman 9 years ago

    Thank you Dayna for guest posting. 

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