I recently completed an application to join an online group. Applicants answered a series of questions ending with this question…
Tell us something about YOU. What are your goals, what
do you dream about, what aspirations do you have?
After writing my response I thought I’d share it here. This answer is merely the tip of my iceberg that I call LIFE. :o) But I think it gives you a glimpse into my heart.

I am a wife, mother, encourager, writer, runner and the list is kind of lengthy. My goals are simple. I want to help people be all that God created them to be. I dream about achieving this goal through small intimate interactions that require people to be the person they’d like to see in their lives. So that God can use them. I believe giving of ourselves makes us usable and doers. I aspire to live a life that my children and husband would be proud of. I aspire to live a life that women will aspire to live…truly LIVE. Not a tapped out, over-processed, under-loved, colorless life. But a life that will cause our light to shine. You know…the contagious kind of light that make others what to be near just to feel the warmth.

What do you dream about?
  1. I dream about a life that is filled with purpose. I dream of helping other people discover who they were meant to be in Christ. 

    I dream of finding that broken part of someone, speaking life to it and watching the light switch on as Jesus heals their brokenness.  I want to lead men and women from victims to victors! I want people to rise up and reclaim their journeys for the adventures they were meant to be. Christianity is not a fad, not a duty, not a denomination, not a birthright, not a nationality, not a race, not a class. Christianity is a full surrender to God through Jesus, and I want to live in that surrender, even when it feels like a roller coaster! I want others to join me on the ride! Better than the old Astroworld, better than Space Mountain, this ride goes on into eternity! 

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Praise God! Dayna, we have so much in common…beyond our names. 😉 I believe this is truly our purpose. Our purpose is to exist smack dab in the center of God’s will for our lives.

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