I am a recovering crybaby.

Yes, I said it. I have my good days. I have my bad days. But at the sight of certain things I my eyes will swell with tears, my nose will run, and get the tissue ready because I will have a full waterworks show for you.

As I child, this caused many problems. I cried when my mother said “No” to my requests. I cried when I could not do the things I most desired.

My mother would be furious. She tried to scare me straight to no avail. My grandfather would tell her, she is “tender hearted”. He said, “Dana cares deeply and our people [Native Americans] called it being tender hearted.”

Well, I love my grandfather. He put a positive spin on my thorn. He made something that plagues me to this day more acceptable, bearable. But my mother wasn’t buying it. Neither was I until I began to embrace what being tender hearted meant to my walk with Christ.

Do you have a sore spot in your life that you’d rather not have? Do you have a struggle (i.e. finances, anger) which plagues you?


Your Thorn Is Your Testimony by Dana Pittman on Living Power Life Coaching



This childhood “issue” became a struggle when I entered my teens and through adulthood. Who’d take a crybaby seriously?

I wanted people to hear my words not see my tears. As a result, I struggled to oppress it. I strived to have thick skin. I made sure people knew…I didn’t take no mess.

But, how many of you know suppressing a problem is like trying to hold a beach ball under water? Eventually, it will rise to the top.

Read the full post today on Living Power Life Coaching.


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