We have successfully completed the first book for Blogging Through the Book. We read The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn and I am thankful for the experience and the bloggers.

The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn on DanaPittman.com


Special Thanks

I want to thank my wonderful sisters and fellow bloggers:

Wasn’t it amazing to read the different prospectives and thoughts? They helped me realize a goal. So what’s next….


The Reading Continues…

I had ideas to continue in the same format but everyone had prior obligations, which I understand. I also wanted to change things up a bit.

I love to read. I read several books while reading The Gospel of Yes. Thus, to move forward I will continue to post Wednesdays and open the Linky for you to share your post regarding a book you are reading.

What type of book posts should you link up?

  • Books that will help readers grow in their walk with Christ.
  • Books that will help readers grow in their faith.
  • Books that will help readers identify their purpose.
  • Books that will help readers LIVE their purpose.

This means on every Wednesday we all can be exposed to different materials that may be gamechangers for our lives.


Small Efforts Count

Pastor Mike said something that I plan to carry forward:

Sometimes we think the small opportunity in front
of us isn’t worth the effort, but it just may be the
one thing that opens up everything else. (p. 202)


I believe Blogging Through the Book is like this quote. It’s a small opportunity. It requires little effort. We are simply reading a book. But what if this simple effort could open your life up to so much more.


10 Pages a Day, 5 Days a Week

I thought I’d explain the simple effort. I am selecting a handful of books for myself. I’ve actually identified the books I’ll read through the end of the year.

I commit to reading 10 pages a day, 5 days a week.

I think this pace is reasonable to read a book monthly and post weekly. It will also allow time for the material to sink in and make a life change.

What about you, can you commit
to finding a book and reading
10 pages a day, 5 days a week?

You can chose to read the same books I select or visit your bookshelf and dust off some you already own.


Will you join me?

You can select a book and

  • Add a comment on the weekly posts, and/or
  • Link up your weekly blog post documenting your progress.

The choice is yours.


Question: How often do you read? Would you consider joining the weekly Blogging Through the Book link up?


Please add your comment below. I will share my next selection tomorrow. Stay tuned…


* * * * * * * * * *

Blogging Through the Book with DanaPittman.com

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  1. Eric 8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing an amazing post on danapittman.com. I would definitely follow your advice for blogging through the book. Keep up the great work. All the best..

    Can you share the store link for the book?

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