I am a writer but new to blogging. Well, let me take that back. I started blogging, irregularly years ago. However, a few months ago I committed to blogging at least three times a week.

I thought this will be easy. I write often. I love to write. But little did I know…writing consistently is not as easy as it appears.

Post one…post two…and maybe even post three were not too bad. Then I ran into my normal roadblock: What do I say now?


Finding Your Blogging Voice by Dana-Pittman on Godly Writers


My quest changed from “How to blog” to “Finding my voice”. I began to research. I read countless posts and articles on “finding your voice”. I know my “voice” as an author of fiction work. I know my “voice” as a bible study teacher and study writer.

However, I did not quite know my “voice” as a blogger. I found myself journeying down a cumbersome trail of too much information and no answers.

I closed my search engines, grabbed some paper and a pen. I walked away from my computer and sat in a coffee house. Armed with a latte I began interviewing myself. I wrote my likes, dislikes. What I’d like to say. What I’d like for my readers to feel and believe after reading my blog.

In the end, I found my perspective.

Read the full post with my suggestions on Godly Writers.


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