I am sitting, resting what I’ve affectionally dubbed…my ole’ lady knees. 😉

Yesterday I ran the Toughest 10k Galveston. The run took us (nearly two-thousand runners) over the Galveston bridge and my knees have gone from screaming to merely being unhappy with me.

I am not new to races. I have run many although this bridge series is extremely challenging. Most races, for me, have a lot in common.

Most races have all types of people “running”.

You have fast runners—the fastest runners yesterday were nearly done before I reached mile 2. And they were moving FAST!

You have walkers.

You have the young.

You have the old.

You have seasoned runners.

You have newbies.

But what we all have in common is…everyone must run their own race.

And racing is one of the best metaphors for life. Because just like a race…

You can have a support team (or volunteers) assisting you…

You can have friends and family cheering you on…

But only one person can get you pass the start line and across the finish line. And that’s you.

I have this normal dialog while running. I’m usually pumped up after running under the start line. I’m in my zone, excited about all the people cheering. Then about a quarter of the way through I’m usually jamming to a song, I might even be singing. About half-way through, I’m focused. My heart is pumping, I’m ensuring my body is feeling good.

And it never fails but somewhere around the 75% point me, myself and I are having a heated discussion…in my head. It usually starts with “what in the world are you thinking?” And it really gets heated when I remind myself (to myself) that I paid for the slow torture my body is experiencing.

This is when I have to encourage myself. I have scriptures I recite. I review recent sermons and lessons I’ve taught. I do ANYTHING to push the negative thoughts out of my mind.

This race was not exception, except…

As I was shuffling through reminding myself that all thoughts are to be taken captive and made obedient to Christ. I grabbed every negative thought

…I am too slow

…I am too heavy

…I am too WHATEVER

And held them captive to Christ

…Greater is He that is within me

…I can do ALL things through Christ

And as I was calling on every bit of scripture I could string together a woman tapped me on the shoulder. She wanted to thank me. She said she’d been trailing me the entire race. And she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say “Thanks”.

We talked. I found out it was her first race. When she wanted to walk she would walk but declared she would not let me out of her sight.

I am writing this today to remind YOU that you don’t know who is watching. I was holding on praying, praising, and making every step count. All the while, someone was watching. And my struggle was not in vain. Because I continued, she continued.

I think of this challenge, and now blogging in much the same way. I pray my struggle to understand and grow closer to God will be witnessed by someone, anyone and encourage YOU to keep going. It is worth it all.

We ran for a while longer and guess what…the finish line suddenly come into view.

God is good.

All the time.

And all the time.

God is good.

I’ll “see” you soon.

God bless.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman

Consider this: You may be experience your current challenge or greatest obstacle so that your test will be your GREATEST testimony.


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  1. mandy kosmala 6 years ago

    Congratulations on the race!!! 🙂

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Thank you!

  2. 31 Days of The Word 6 years ago

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  3. Princess 6 years ago

    Go Dana go!! Meditating on & then speaking God’s word over ourselves, situations is sooo powerful!

    Congrats on the race!


    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Thank you!

  4. Brenda 6 years ago

    Hey Dana,
    I am catching up with all the awesome bloggers from write31days and as you know there is a lot to read but yours is awesome !!!
    You give me hope through your writing .love it! Need to get another cup of coffee now to keep reading lol.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Yes…this is definitely coffee (or tea) reading. Thanks for visiting and reading. Enjoy!

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