Rachel paused. Serafine stared at the letter. The music playing softly kept them from sitting total silence.

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“I have explicit instructions from Miss Jo…” Rachel said.

“Of course, she wouldn’t have it any other way,” Serafine said, tucking her legs beneath her but leaning closer to Rachel.

They smiled.

Rachel took a deep breath. “Okay, she told me to read this too you. But I couldn’t open until we were together.” 

Rachel ran her index finger under the flap of the envelop. And gently removed the paper, she looked at Serafine who also seemed anxious to hear the contents of the letter.

“Oh, hurry why don’t you.”

“Oh, hush, I’m trying,” Rachel sassed.

They shared a laugh. Serafine reached for Rachel’s hand. Rachel gave her a tight squeeze and began.

Dear Ladybug,

I know you must be hurting something terrible. I’m sorry if I’ve contributed to it in anyway but this is a part of life. And Grammy has lived a life! 

I hope you will one day find comfort in knowing I’m home. Because I do. But that isn’t the reason for this letter. 

Where to begin…

Did I ever tell you how I came to calling you ladybug?

One winter, you had to be around five or six years old, we found a nest of ladybugs in the house. Me, being anti-bugs went nuts. I was ready to kill them all. But you encouraged me to leave them be. 

I still laugh at how serious you were about protecting them. You’d learned about them in school and assured me they were harmless. I reluctantly went along. 

You were so serious. You always had a heart for helping anything in need, including ladybugs hulled up in my house. However, as the weeks progressed I saw something so amazing. 

The ladybugs loved you. It was like they sensed whenever you entered the house. I watched in awe as they swirled around you and would land. I would try to fan them away, but you would not have it.  It was as if they knew you were a safe, resting place. 

I believe they knew you were a soft-hearted loving soul. Always have been, always will be.

Ladybug, life has not dealt you an easy hand. And your mother….I will save that for the next letter. Know, my love, that you are strong. You hurt deeply because you love hard. It comes with the territory. 

But I’m willing to fight for you, even from my grave. Because I love you that much. And so does He.

I think that is all for today. 

Rachel, thank you honey. I love you too. And thank you for loving my Ladybug in my physical absence. I am not far away. 

Before I go, do you girls remember our favorite game, Scavenger Hunt? Well, Ladybug, I’m sending you on a Scavenger Hunt. Rachel will join you from time -to-time. My prayer is for you to know just how much you are loved. And I want you to do the thing you have always wanted to do. 

I’ve chatted long enough…

Ladybug, I love you to the moon….

“…and back,” they said in unison.

Rachel squeezed her hand again, wiping the tears from her eyes and she continued reading.



P.S. The next clue is in my favorite book, tucked near my favorite passage. Have fun! 

Serafine, reached for the letter. She could see the water stains of her grandmother’s tears on the pages. She lightly kissed her beautifully scribed signature. Then she clutched the letter to her heart. She missed her so much.

“You have the first clue. Do you know where it is?” Rachel asked.

Serafine nodded. But was she ready to call him to get it.


To be continued…


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