I’m tardy. We had a busy weekend. As the kids get older it seems our “free moments” over the weekend cease to exist.

On every Sunday, I will share a quick summary of my progress toward accomplishing a life transformation in 2013. My original goal list is HERE. Now it’s time for my update.


Week 7

Here’s my list of goals (in no particular order) and the summary of the progress I made:

1. I am going to host my first retreat in 2013. My schedule did not allow for seeing the ranch this week. But I have a few possible dates nailed down.

2. I am going to finish writing a book in 2013. I did nothing on this goal…again. I know…I know…

3. I am going to outline the entire bible. I will not begin this until I finish reading the bible in April.

4. I am going to train for a 2014 marathon. I worked out five times this week. Yeah!!! Bootcamp starts Thursday.

5. I am going to finish reading 12 non-fiction books this year. 

Book #1: Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine by Max Lucado.

Book #2: Live Visioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Book #3: Hour That Changes the World, The: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer by Dick Eastman (currently reading)

6. I am going to knit a folk shawl. I am working on the knit project from the last advanced class (i.e., I’m practicing).

7. I am going to have monthly one-on-one dates with my husband, son, daughter and best friend. My daughter and I (and my husband and son) had great one-on-one’s over dinner. The kids are loving this. I always thought us spending most of our day together was enough. I’m finding these one-on-one times are providing free time to merely talk, laugh, and enjoy each others company.

8. I am going to actively mentor one woman. I went to an orientation. I am praying over whether to submit my name as a mentor for a few reasons, one being my schedule.


That’s it!


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What do you plan to do THIS WEEK to make your dream a reality?

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