Tomorrow a small group of us will begin reading the bible, cover-to-cover, in 90 days.

I want to let that sink in a bit.

For the next 90 days I will post weekly to connect with my group members and to reflect on my weekly reading. I thought I’d begin with some reading tips that have helped me complete this lofty goal many times.

I hope they will help you too. And remember it is not too late to join us.

Reading Tips

    • Read, not studying. It is so hard to read and not want to stop at every verse that catching your attention. But to ensure you complete the assigned reading I suggest have a small notebook nearby. Jot down anything you would like to revisit after you complete your 90 days.
    • Read the translation you prefer. I have read the entire bible using New International Version (NIV), English Standard Version (ESV) and New Living Translation (NLT). I enjoyed them all but I loved NLT. It was different from my typical study translation. It also reads in a casual tone. Therefore, I suggest selecting a version you will enjoy reading since you will spend many hours reading.
    • Read like a novel. This may seem a little weird but it will make those long passages move faster. For me, I always think about God as the main character and the conflict is sin, which is reveal early in our reading. It is from this place that I allow my daily readings to guide me in watching “the story” of the bible unfold.
    • Read knowing challenges will come. I have experienced all types of challenges every time I decide to read the bible in 90 days. I now find it to be a sign that I’m on the right track. But know that people will try to interrupt your reading time, your phone will ring nonstop, you will run out of your favorite tea…something…anything may happen. But stick to your decision to read from June 1st to August 30th.
    • Read on purpose. You have to be intentional. Pick a location, a time and work your plan. I wake early before my bunch. I grab a cup of coffee and sit in my favorite chair. This means I have to wakeup around 5 am. But that is fine. I know I have to get it done early or my day will run away from me. So for you, create your plan and stick with it, at least for a week or two. You may find that the original plan may need to be modified but don’t concern yourself with that possibility. For now, start at the beginning.

Books We’ll Encounter This Week

  • Genesis
  • Exodus

Our Weekly Reading

Genesis 1:1 – Exodus 40:38

Additional Resources


[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Hebrews 4:12 NLT”]For the word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires. It exposes us for what we really are.[/blockquote]


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