We are entering Week 3. For many readers they find themselves either right on target (and amazed) or behind (and discouraged).

I thought I would be able to write about a passage or character this week. But I think another administrative post is necessary. (And I’m sure I’ll have others as we progress.)

Don’t let the schedule and where you are cause you to lose sight of your goal. I honestly don’t care where you are … but don’t quit.

Quitting is the easy way out.

No more waking up early. No more squeezing in reading here and there. No more falling asleep while reading and feeling like a loser in the morning—or maybe that’s just me.

Don’t quit.

I know this message is for someone. And I’m sure you are thinking…”but Dana I’m behind”.

My response: So what! Keep reading!

Now, how do you handle not being on track in your quiet time, I have a few suggestions.

1. Keep reading. The easiest option is to keep reading. You may finish a little later but you will finish when you keep reading.

2. Keep reading and add a few extra pages. This may mean sitting a little longer but you will target to complete the bible in 90 days. Your reading time would be an extended session. It may also mean reading at your normal time and adding in more reading throughout the day.

3. Keep reading and skip ahead. I know…I know. Skip ahead?! This is not ideal. However, I find that this portion of our reading moves faster because it is in narrative form. Therefore, if you are behind, for example, you could read Day 15 and end by reading some from the passages you missed last week. Again this is not the best option but it is an option.

We are entering one of my favorite segments of the bible. The narrative approach of these books make reading a breeze and a joy. I pray you will press on. 

Books We’ll Encounter This Week

  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth
  • 1 and 2 Samuel

Our Reading This Week

Deuteronomy 23:12 – 1 Samuel 28:19

Additional Resources

Are you reading along with us? If so, comment below and tell me are you on target, behind, or ahead.

  1. Princess 6 years ago

    Just checking in. Thanks again for the tips. Instead of skipping ahead, I was thinking listening to the Bible (Bible app). What are your thoughts on this? : )

    • Author
      Dana 6 years ago

      Hey! Listening is another option. Whether by app or audio book. Another great free app for this is YouVersion. I didn’t list it since it is not technically reading. However, I think this option would work best for many people.

  2. Tonia 6 years ago

    Hi Dana….I’m in but behind. Thanks so much for sharing your encouraging words. Just what I needed. Pressing on!

    • Author
      Dana 6 years ago

      Hello Tonia. You’re welcome and press on sis!

  3. Marilyn Kolako 6 years ago

    Hey Dana, finally I am to open thus. Thank God, on my way

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Amen! I’m glad you are still with us.

  4. mandy kosmala 6 years ago

    Perfect post for me. Im still in it, trying not to get discourage. 😉

    • Author
      Dana 6 years ago

      I’m glad it was helpful Mandy. Don’t let your current station in the reading plan get you down. See it as you’re spending more time in the word. And I believe ANY time in the world is beneficial. I’m praying for you. “See” you next week.

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