Today is my princess' birthday. She is officially 12. Last night she ran into room and hopped in bed between my husband and I excited.

I wondered…"Was I this excited about 12?"

My Princess by Dana Pittman


Probably. Birthdays were always so special to me. I think we've made it the same for our children over the years.

Today I'll send up a few prayers for HB's 12th Birthday….

I pray her days are always filled with unconditional love and hope.

I pray she'll take each new day as God's precious gift.

I pray she'll love who she is without apology.

I pray she'll love others and expect nothing in return.

I pray she let her light shine.

I pray she knews just how special she is.

Today's Sister to Sister is is dedicated to my daughter on her special day. My princess is an amazing young lady. She is caring, loving, kind and I'll gladly scream from my rooftop….Watch Out World!


Question: What is your favorite birthday memory as a child?


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