Are you trying to increase the amount of time you read your bible?

We are in our fifth week of reading the bible. I must admit I’m behind, according to the schedule, but I’ve given myself a pass. A pass to enjoy my daily reading like a novel.

The Dos and Don'ts of Reading the Bible Like a Novel by Dana Pittman


You may have started this year with a resolution to read your bible in 90 days, 6 months and/or one year. You went and bought a nice bible with the plan and things went well until…well…Day 4 or so.

Okay maybe you made it to Week 3 or 4. But you realized this is harder than I thought.

Here is my absolute BEST tip when reading the bible (not to mistaken for studying the bible): Read the bible like a novel.


Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do

When you read the bible like a novel you don’t:

  • Take a million notes…
  • Journal about every character or every major occurrence…
  • Make a family tree…
  • Map out the journey of the Israelites…
  • Etc.

Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these actions. But for most people deciding to read according to a plan will increase their daily reading substantially. Thus, if you find yourself engaging in these actions you will find yourself sitting more but reading less.

How’s that? I’m so glad you ask.

Here’s what a morning read will consists of for a reader that decides to do the above-mentioned:

The alarm rings one hour earlier than normal. She hits snooze. aaahhhhh….another 15 minutes of sleep.

30 minutes later… She is finally sitting up with her bible. She removes the bookmark and begins reading. Read…read…she stumbles on an awesome verse and decides to jot it down.

**Bible down, journal up.**

She writes the passage and continues reading. Read…read… read… Wait…is that the mountain Moses went to?

**She thumbs to the back of her bible and does a little research. Then she notices an index of Jesus’ miracles. Man…this is a really cool bible. I’ll have to check this out later.

20 minutes into her read she is about one chapter into the assigned reading and about 10 pages short from the daily goal.


Instead Try Some of These…

This is an exaggeration for some and true for others. Many of use fall somewhere in the middle. This is when I suggest “Read the bible like a novel”.  To do so, I suggest you do the following:

  • Read the bible for the big picture…
  • Have a burning question in mind that you carry through your entire reading plan…
  • If you just gotta mark something, do it quick and get back to reading…
  • Try to read out of the bed 😉 and at the same time and the same location… (this is helpful with establishing a habit that can carry beyond the reading plan); and
  • Enjoy your time in the Word…

I could add a million Dos and Don’ts but for many people merely aiming to read a few chapters daily is a major accomplishment. And I believe starting small will help you to increase your daily reading time from a resolution to a way of life.


QUESTION: What is your best tip for someone aiming to increase their bible reading time?

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